Thursday, February 7, 2008


Hi to all the iguana fans,

Its once a year... Chinese New Year!!! The year of the rat... Wishing all out there a very happy and prosperous great year.

I had a rough time preparing for the CNY, been working many AM duties and going back home to do house keeping till late nights like 3 am and waking up at 6am to work. Its really a killer... Some more last minute, went to ikea for shopping, almost take the whole store home. I think really gonna like me, i'm more than a friend there... hahaha.

Spend the whole night thru at eve of CNY to build my DIY trolley la, cabinet doors la, drilling la, cleaning la and shopping... felt like an owl.

Finally, the actual CNY day. Had a early morning shower and help my mum in preparing prayers and went to Giants at Parkway to do some more grapping of stuffs. Then, came my relatives.. brothers.. etc etc. Busy and tiring day. By end of the day, felt rather sick and start popping more of my Agel supplement (Ohm, Exo and Min)... had felt great today morning. See taking supplements really helps.

Luckily get to enjoy a long weekend this CNY. Never had this feeling for so long.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hi to all who have got to know the Iguana legacy.... I have set up this blog since last year X'mas but was always lack of the time to sit down and doing my uploading.

My career has been always keeping me on the move and sometimes i do lost track of times. Before i realise it 30 years of my life have past and its time to reflect what i finally wanted in life.

Humans are always very interesting creatures, i realise this thru my path in my work as i developed from a amateur in the healthcare line to a on-going learner. From birth, nobody knows what is fear, happininess, jealousy, anxious or sad... these traits are slowly learned over our life experiences and we begin to adapt to them as we grow. No one is born to be prefect, there are always flaws in us but it is how one able to realise these imprefections and transforms them to be your strength and keeps you going.